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The diversified skill set of the Conrad, Inc. team are tailored to ensuring we can meet the multiple challenges companies face in the cyber domain.  With a detailed understanding of the latest cyber threats, a rolodex of cybersecurity professionals around the world, and experience in engaging with senior levels of government, we have the expertise to help clients succeed.


While we can customize services to a client’s specific needs, Conrad, Inc. provides the following core services:


Cyber Threat Analytics and Incident Response

Our cybersecurity analysts provide daily curated threat and incident analysis to clients.  Our team identifies the most consequential cybersecurity incidents each day, including emerging threats, new vulnerabilities, and active exploits and shares this information with our clients.  We also assist clients in coordinating the public release of vulnerabilities.


Strategic Consulting and Organizational Management

We work with clients to define, understand and communicate their market differentiators.  We then work with clients to develop and implement plans to attain their business goals and communicate their success.


Public Policy Thought Leadership

We help clients understand the rapidly changing public policy landscape and advise them on how they can best contribute to these discussions.  Some clients ask us to engage with senior policymakers on their behalf.


Information Sharing and Analysis

Our team builds and manages trusted cyber threat information sharing forums.  While it is widely understood that information sharing forums can provide substantial value to their members, getting these forums up and running is difficult.  Our team has been successfully building and maintaining information sharing communities since 2000.





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